Denton Fire Station No. 2

Denton FS No. 2 SW View

Denton, Texas

This is the third fire station collaboration for KAS and the City of Denton. This new fire station will be built just behind the existing station No.2, which will remain operational during design and construction, then be demolished when the new station is complete. Fire Station No.2 will sleep up to 8, including a captain’s room, and a room for department candidates participating in ride-alongs. The four drive-through bays will have Bi-Fold doors, which open faster than the traditional overhead doors. Other features include a functional hose tower that not only serves as the station icon, but has stairs that can be used for training and exercise. Once completed, the station will seek LEED certification for its sustainable design elements such as solar panels, and tubular day-lighting devices. Also, the station was designed with the extremely wooded site in mind so that the placement of the station saves as many trees as possible.