Jim Bailey

Deputy Fire Chief, Ret.

Chief Bailey comes to KAS fresh from his 36-year career as the Public Information Officer at the Norman, OK Fire Department where he was an integral part of the team during construction of Fire Stations No. 8 and No. 9. He began his career in Public Safety in 1980. According to him, he had been working part time for a taxidermist while in college, and one of his co-workers was married to a fireman. When she told him that firefighters only work 10 days a month, he thought to himself, “Oh, really?”  However, don’t let the whim of a young man fool you; Chief Baily went on to have a dedicated career in the fire service and became known throughout the department for his great communication skills and the ability to make the tough decisions.

With our business growing at a rapid pace, KAS has been looking to add staff in Oklahoma, we knew we needed someone that knows the ins and outs of firefighting, fire stations, and talking to local officials. These skills, along with his background in building, make Chief Bailey the perfect match for what we need in construction administration and business development.  So, with his experience, and his subsequent retirement, we made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, which is basically traveling the state and visiting all of his old friends in the fire service, and getting paid to do so!

When NOT in a firehouse, the Chief is out on the golf course, where he continues to hone his wicked skills.