Glenna Kirkpatrick

Manager. Maven. Mobilizer. Glenna’s wisdom and warmth are matched only by her efficiency and excellence, and talents she brings to the office every day.

Glenna’s remarkable history encompasses education, finance, law, and sales, making her Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio’s go-to expert on all things non-architectural. As Vice President, she handles the day-to-day operations, overseeing corporate filings, licenses, and accounts receivable and payable, while ensuring the office runs smoothly. Glenna and Jim have been married three decades and together have four daughters and five grandchildren. When they’re not out and about with family, they revel in hosting dinner parties and traveling, especially to Paris. Glenna is known as an expert on the City of Lights and is often enlisted as an informal tour guide for first-time (and second-and third-time) visitors to the French capital.