Trong Nguyen

Timing. Tenacity. Trivia. Trong delves into the most complex structural issues, determined to discover solutions which solidify clients’ trust and preserve their resources.

Trong brings an incredible work ethic to Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio. He is known around the office and among clients as a hard worker and team player, even going so far as to keep a sleeping bag under his desk, when deadlines call for late nights at the office. He has contributed his architectural knowledge to projects in both Texas and Oklahoma, including fire stations, police stations, financial institutions, educational facilities, and industrial designs. More than anything, Trong loves to spend time with his wife and their children as well as his parents, who live nearby. He also brings with him the very latest in pop culture knowledge. Wondering about the latest binge-worthy show? Ask Trong—he’ll give you an honest review and point you toward the latest nail-biting drama.