Plano Fire Station No. 4 Renovation and Addition

Plano Fire Statin NO.4
Plano Fire Station No.4 Roof Training Props
Plano Fire Station No.4 Training Trench

Plano, Texas


To design enough additional space to house training props, more equipment, and offices, and to give the flexibility to add more personnel if needed in the future.  Further, to accomplish it within a site constrained by Spring Creek Parkway and a residential neighborhood, but allow room for modern day fire trucks, and incorporate the same look as the original station, matching detailing, brick and form.

Innovative Solution:

The approach that KAS developed worked for both the program and the construction of the addition itself.  Rather than attaching the new bays to the existing bays, the two were separated by a support area of the building allowing Station No.4 to remain operational during construction, and simultaneously creating an uninhibited wall for training purposes.  In addition to new bays, offices and storage space were added as well. Also, heading into construction, KAS had a very detailed set of plans and a good relationship with the contractor that prevented any time delays.