Public safety facilities are complex buildings and are often a mixture of opposites. Sometimes they blend commercial and residential elements, such as a fire station, or they must be open to the public while remaining safe and secure for those who work there, like a police station. They have to weather around-the-clock occupation and house rugged equipment, yet be modern and comfortable. Not only are public safety facilities unique in and of themselves, but they are unique to each community, tailored to each department’s different requirements. Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio takes into account the culture of your department, your community, and your needs, to deliver the best public safety facility for the best value. As part of our dedication to excellence, we employ two retired public safety officers to assist us in properly navigating the special concerns and constraints of these highly specialized buildings.

Municipal architecture projects are a major endeavor for any city, regardless of population. While they contribute to a vital piece of infrastructure, they also require a large amount of resources to design, build, and maintain. At Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio, we create meaningful and long-lasting structures that will have an important and positive impact on your community. KAS is dedicated to every project from initial planning through construction, and we pride ourselves on our accessibility to you and your community.

With more than four decades of experience, we have the capability to design, renovate, and manage large industrial, commercial, or financial institution projects. We’ve had the pleasure of working on many of these types of projects, ranging from renovations of a few thousand square feet to new construction spanning many acres.

Institutional facilities encompass education-focused campuses, religious structures, and long-term care facilities—places which are often sacred to a community and require extra care, while many times having limited resources. Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio specializes in these thoughtful projects and has from the start, winning an award in 1981 (our third year in business!) for the design of a local church complex.