Highland Village 911 Call Center | Texas

The new 911 Call Center provides space for a much-needed equipment upgrade vital to the area, as well as office improvements aimed at protecting public servants from danger.

Highland Village opted to expand their Call Center to meet the growing number of area 911 calls, as this station shares emergency calls with surrounding communities. They entrusted Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio with the design upgrades, and KAS was honored to perform this service to the community. KAS enlarged the center to 1,200 square feet, allowing for more personnel to serve North Texas residents. Key renovations include upgraded technological systems and improved facilities. Highland Village’s requirements for the expansion included improved access control throughout the facility and the installation of ballistic-rated glass at the desks. The new security upgrades provide a more inviting and secure environment to better protect the citizens and the staff not only during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, but from other safety threats as well. Today, the center is fully operational and the improvements are allowing staff to better serve the surrounding communities.