St. Barnabas Episcopal Church | Denton, Texas

KAS created a new worship facility which pays homage to the preexisting church’s sanctuary and makes the congregants feel at home.

The congregation of St. Barnabas Episcopal Church reluctantly had to move out of their historic and beautiful, but unsustainable, facility near Downtown Denton. After careful consideration, the church decided the best, safest course of action would be to build a new sanctuary from the ground up. The congregation was fully engaged in the design and construction process with Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio, assisting the team with details that make the new facility both modern and efficient, while reflecting the traditional look and feel of the old sanctuary. KAS made provisions to restore the original stained-glass windows and install them in the new building, along with the original organ and pews. The congregation was delighted with the outcome and has enjoyed worshiping and serving in their new, functional church home.