Teatro José Nieto Piña | Universidad de Celaya, GTO, Mexico

KAS orchestrated the theatre’s acoustics so accurately, the maestro needed no microphone to address the audience on opening night.

Kirkpatrick Architecture Studio’s international project roster features a notable university master plan and site development endeavor along with the design and construction of four new built spaces for the Universidad de Celaya in the State of Guanajuato. The four KAS-designed buildings included:

  • Computer Center: a new 11,400-square-foot laboratory/classroom which also holds the University’s computer center
  • Cafeteria / Student Center: An 11,275 square foot dining and gathering space
  • Classroom Building: a general-use 12,730-square-foot classroom building dedicated to educating students in a variety of subjects, from computer technology to nutrition licensing
  • Theatre (Teatro José Nieto Piña): a sweeping 20,700-square-foot entertainment space with seating for 540, designed to reflect the rich local, regional, and cultural influences by the use of color, light, materials, and forms